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Frog Street and Creative Curriculum

Learning Environment


We provide a rich learning environment with curricula that are developmentally appropriate to the specific ages in each classroom. We have a flexible day routine that allows children to advance at their own pace. We strongly believe that learning happens through play. Learning and exploring are hands-on and are facilitated through interest areas. Our program is designed to enhance children's development in the following areas: creativity, self-expression, decision-making, problem-solving,
responsibility, independence, and reasoning. We encourage openness to that which is different from us, and the ability to work and play with others.


Copies of daily schedules are posted in each classroom.
Copies of lesson plans are posted in each classroom and cover 2-4 weeks depending on the theme and interest of the children.

Outings & Field Trips

Weather permitting: we conduct supervised field trips around the community for children 2 years of age and above. Children are accounted for at all times. We encourage you to join your child on the trip. Permission Slips for each trip must be signed by the child's family. For field trips, please dress your child appropriately for the season. Walking shoes are a must. Sandals and flip-flops are not appropriate for walking and make it difficult for your child.

The safety of children and staff will be guarded in all activities of child care programs. Proper

restraint systems (seat belts) and the correct use of them are critically important during travel

to/from the child care program as well as during field trips.

Cuddly Bear will provide transportation services to and from field trips. Parents must notify the Director if you are using the van service and sign a consent form for the van driver to transport your child. The center will have field trip destinations on file. The transportation used for field trips will be a public van service. The field trips will be located in the Greater New Orleans Area. The fee for transportation will be included in the price of the field trip.

The Director of Cuddly Bear is responsible for written policies that will ensure that:

* Transportation arrangements conform to State law, including seat belts and child restraints.

* Two staff members will be in the vehicle unless the vehicle has a communication device

and a child/staff ratio is met in the vehicle.

* At least one staff in each vehicle will be currently certified in CPR, and trained in pediatric

first aid,

* Children are under the direct supervision of staff at all times.

The driver or attendant will not leave the children unattended in the vehicle at any

time while transporting children.

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